Kick in the Head

By Sarah Duggan on August 10, 2017

Monday this week felt like a Monday, except this week I was particularly achy and foggy. At first I attributed this to our packed weekend full with activities and traveling to see family, coupled with the fact that Murphy slept in my bed half the night because there was a green ghost in her room.

I’m not going to say I don't believe in ghosts. Because the truth is, I kind of do. So when she insisted there was a green ghost in her room and she couldn’t sleep I caved and had her climb into bed with me. The next several hours were punctuated by me waking up to her foot resting on my face. Over and over again.

About halfway through my Monday I realized exactly why my head hurt and I was just a bit foggy—I had been kicked in the head all night making Monday not only a proverbial kick in the head, but an actual kick in the head.

We got rid of the ghost. Turns out Edward is not only a stellar husband and father, but he can also add “ghostbuster” to his resume. Life is always changing.