Remember the Power of Music

By Michelle Haub on August 4, 2017

The power of personal music and songs can be overwhelming for any individual. But for those affected by memory challenges and dementia, music can hold the key for communication, pleasure and easing frustrations and anxiety. It can also increase arousal, which can encourage participation in daily activities, therapy and eating. 

Meadowlark continues to pursue the benefits of the Music and Memory program for those living in the Special Care households and is offering the opportunity for residents, family members, friends and volunteers to learn how to use Music and Memory to help individuals. The Meadowlark Memory Program is offering a training for Music and Memory on August 15, 16 and 17 from 12 to 1:30 p.m. in the West Conference Room. The training is free and participants will leave with the knowledge of how to help create playlists for individuals and how to read individuals’ reactions to different music. Meadowlark will provide all the equipment for individuals to partake in this program; there is no cost to the resident. We simply need more volunteers to help us ensure personalization for each resident that wishes to use this service. If you have questions, please contact Michelle at 323-3899 or Kashaya at 323-3800.