High Fives for Murphy

By Sarah Duggan on July 28, 2017

Things have been a little rushed in the evenings at the Duggan household last week and this week. Murphy had swimming lessons at 7 p.m. which means getting home, changed and eating dinner happens at double speed! Edward and I alternated who attended lessons with her in an effort to keep Eilish home, cool and on her bedtime schedule. (All the books say babies thrive on routine—as many adults do, too!) I can sum up the sessions I attended in three words: Proud Mommy Moment.

I am a little biased, but my little Murphy is amazing. Even though she doesn’t get it just right, she tries. She often tells me that keeping her legs straight when she kicks is “bery bery hard.” On the third day of lessons, she accomplished a feat that made my whole body swell with pride. She went under water. Totally under—covered her whole head– and blew bubbles all at the same time. Murphy is amazing.

I don’t think I would have believed it had I been told years ago that my day could be made by watching a miniature version of myself master a swimming technique, use the potty correctly, or finally eating a green vegetable.

Motherhood has changed my life in more ways than I can name, but one of the best changes has been the constant reminder to find joy in the little things. We give high fives when Murphy finishes her dinner or is able to count to ten without skipping a number.

Going underwater on her own? What a grown-up little girl. Life is always changing.