Meadow News

on April 20, 2017

Submitted by Alice Roper

 From my window looking north, this is what I see.

 Melted marshmallow clouds drift across the blue skies.  The distant hills are turning from brown to green.

Trees that have been skeletons are beginning to leaf out, each on their schedule.  Cedar trees show their true ragged branches.  Not at all like the ones on Christmas cards.

Birds fly by in threes.  Is this some kind of mating?   Sometimes they dip down for a drink of water from the pond.

I see a small dog walking its owner.  People stroll by in twos and threes.  Sometimes there is someone alone on the fishing platform.  What is he checking?

Everyone is very helpful.  The food is excellent.  When you need recovery time, Bramlage is the place to be!