Little Apple Knockers

on March 23, 2017

What in the world is a knitted knocker?  It is a soft comfortable handcrafted breast form made with love by volunteers for women who have had mastectomies.  Knitted knockers is a national non-profit organization run by volunteers. 

Local volunteers are mobilizing within the Manhattan community to form a local group known as Little Apple Knitted Knockers.  We need the help of the local community to make this endeavor successful. 

How can you help?  Can you knit?  If so we need local volunteers.  Nationally 5,000 sets of knockers have been distributed in the last TWO months.  Demand is continuing to grow because the hand crafted knockers are soft, comfortable, lightweight and washable.  Demand is greater than the available product to distribute.  Patterns are available and only approved patterns and yarns may be used.  Discounts are available on yarn for this purpose as well as refresher courses on knitting skills.  Donations are needed.  Ten dollars can provide a pair of knockers free of charge to any woman who requests them.  This covers the cost of yarn and mailing supplies.  

Do you know someone who could benefit from a pair of knitted knockers?  Check out the website at  The site has a wealth of information about the organization, the background and free patterns to download. Monetary donations can be made online.

Direct local inquiries can be made to Brenda Hallauer at 539-3325 ( or Joyce Kemnitz 313-6410 (  Brenda is a professional knitting instructor.  Joyce is at Meadowlark most days and can meet with anyone who needs additional information.