Nature Area Now Home to Mr. Moose

By Becky Fitzgerald on February 9, 2017

Bayer Pond Nature Area attracts a variety of wild life, and in early February, a moose was spotted! In the United States, moose prefer states such as Wyoming, Utah and Alaska, but our moose has relocated from the Lake Perry area. Next time you visit our pond, watch for him! He stands west of the West Gazebo by the trail leading into the woods. 

“Mr. Moose,” designed and crafted by Ornamental Metal Work in Lawrence, is a recent gift to the nature area from Jacquie and Steve Gering of Kansas City, Mo. Jacquie is the daughter of Meadowlark residents Fred and Esther Sobering, 2241 Meadowlark Road.
 Esther reports that the iron moose was a birthday present to Jacquie from Steve in 2008. Mr. Moose stood among the oaks and cedars at the entry to the Gerings’ country home for several years. 

In 2011 when the couple moved to Kansas City, Mr. Moose was placed on a hill across from the Soberings’ farm.

“Like us, he could retire here comfortably and be happy forever after,” Esther said. When Fred and Esther moved to Meadowlark, the moose moved, too. Nearby friends agreed to give this four-legged friend a home at the entry to their driveway.

Last year when Jacquie was visiting her parents, they decided that Mr. Moose would enjoy living near the pond, so his territory changed yet again. In his present location, the Soberings can see him from their cottage windows, and he’s visible from the north windows and screened porches of Wroten and Bramlage houses.